Chinese Traditional Massage

Wellness Treatments
Reflex zone massage is an ancient art already enjoyed by the early Chinese emperors. Liangtse combines traditional reflex zone massage with modern massage techniques to benefit Your well-being.

Foot reflex zone massage
Our feet are like a copy of the human body. Each reflex zone we find on the sole of the foot is connected to our organs. Stimulation of the organs can be accomplished by special massage according to these zones. Reflex zone massage belongs to the traditional Chinese massage methods. The techniques of China Liangtse will make it a matchless experience for You and Your well-being.

Shoulder massage
Particular attention to the neck section lets this shoulder treatment contribute to Your body’s defenses. A relaxed physical system is the basic prerequisite to prevent pains and injuries.

Head massage
This treatment will result in total recreation of head and mind by recharging the universal energy qi. Whenever You feel worn out, this massage is the perfect choice for in between the times of Your lunch break or after a stressful working day.

Back massage
The back is the one part of the body that gets devitalized most rapidly and has sustainable influence on our sense of being. The tuina back massage releases new energy via the channels of the reflex zones for all Your body and soul.

Zen-Tuina massage
The zen-style of the tuina massage is a full body massage. Its intention is the recovery and revival of new energy. Body and skin may unwind and come up to a positive intensification of qi. Our techniques will bring You to a level equal to meditation.

By application of natural substances (massage oil) You can experience an outstanding kind of back massage. Our proficiency is Your benefit for vitality and energy.

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